Sandro Monetti’s OSCAR®-qualified documentary short TECH TO THE FUTURE shines a light on flying cars and artificial intelligence actors

Director Sandro Monetti and Producer Francis Hellyer created TECH TO THE FUTURE to share an optimistic look at the shape of things to come. After launching at Cannes, this informative documentary has qualified to be considered for the 95th Academy Awards® and can soon be seen at the Newport Beach Film Festival as well as in Los Angeles at the CineLounge. 

Tech Wizards are making the previously unthinkable a reality. From flying cars to artificial actors, this documentary is a fascinating journey to tomorrow which shows that science fiction is fast becoming science fact.

Writer-Director Sandro Monetti is a multi-award-winning British journalist, author and broadcaster based in Los Angeles. Showbiz expert Sandro is a frequent contributor to CNN and the BBC. Long a chronicler of the famous, he has written bestselling biographies of movie stars Mickey Rourke and Colin Firth and a West End and Off-Broadway play about Marilyn Monroe while his own memoir, “Confessions of a Hollywood Insider,” was an entertainment book of the year finalist in 2021. “Tech to the Future” is his first documentary. Monetti got the idea for this film while teaching performance skills to rocket scientists – seriously! Brought in to teach socially awkward tech experts how to pitch to investors, he learned of many amazing inventions in the process and knew he had to feature them in a film. 

Producer and Host Francis Hellyer is an innovator, investor and futurist profiled in Forbes and other major media; Francis has helped a string of tech companies reach their potential. His first big success came in internet ticketing as the chief executive and co-founder of London Theatre Direct. Now based in Monaco, this Welsh visionary has set up his own investment company, Hellyer Capital. He hosts the podcast Metaverse.FM.” Tech to the Future” is his first documentary.

The OSCAR® shortlist will be announced on December 21st.


Socials: @sandromonetti on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Socials: @francishellyer on Twitter francis.hellyer on Instagram  


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