Arts Muse predictions for the 2023 Academy Awards Live-Action Shortlist

It’s that time of year again! We have been sent and watched many phenomenal films this year, here are our predictions for this year.

IVALU directed by Anders Walter produced by Kim Magnusson

NORTH STAR directed by P.J. Palmer executive produced by and starring Colman Domingo and Kevin Bacon

WAR OF COLORS directed by Emir Kumova starring model and actress Diandra Forrest

SLOW PULSE directed by Marshall Tyler

THE LETTER MEN directed by Andy Vallentine starring Garret Clayton

THE RED SUITCASE directed by Cyrus Neshvad

FANMI directed by Carmine Pierre-Dufour and Sandrine Brodeur–Desrosiers

SPOTLESS directed by Emma Branderhorst

SANDSTORM directed by Seemab Gul executive produced by Jemima Khan and Jaime Ray Newman

REMEMBERING directed Elijah Allan-Blitz starring Brie Larson

GOODNIGHT HENRY directed by Isher Sahota starring Sharon Rooney and Joseph Marcell

TRIGGERED directed by Tara Westwood

TUTU directed by Lorenzo Tiberia

THE SILENT ECHO directed by Suman Sen

THE RIGHT WORDS directed by Adrian Moyse Dullin

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