Emir Kumova’s OSCAR® qualifying short WAR OF COLORS shares a story of a black woman with Albinism facing prejudice

Available to be seen on Omeleto: http://omeleto.com/259239/

Emir Kumova’s WAR OF COLORS is based on real events. This important film highlights the discrimination that people of color with Albinism exeprience. WAR OF COLORS has qualified to be considered for the 95th Academy Awards®. This prominent film casts Diandra Forrest as the lead, an actress and model with albinism.

Set in America and inspired by real life events, War of Colors film revolves around the daily struggles of people with Albinism, following the story of Rue, a young Black woman with white skin due to her condition by birth. 

Writer, director and producer Emir Kumova was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. He moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to attend Pepperdine University, CA and graduated in 2015 with a B.A. in Film Studies. ​ His personal work has screened in LA Shorts, San Diego International Film Festival, Newport Beach Film Festival, Izmir International Film Festival.  WAR OF COLORS  is his third short film. 

Producers Donald Nguyen and Jason Quan are both LA based and well established in their respective fields. The beautiful cinematography was created by Christopher Brendan Kistan. The elegant composition was written and composed by J.M. Quintara Camara. 

This topical short has qualified to be considered for the OSCARS®

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