Cyrus Neshvad’s Oscar® qualifying THE RED SUITCASE is the harrowing story of a 16-year-old Iranian girl forced into a life-changing situation

Director Cyrus Neshvad’s THE RED SUITCASE is a heartbreaking story of a 16-year-old Iranian girl who is visibly terrified after picking up her red suitcase at the airport. She is seen to be lost in thought and taking her time to leave the departure lounge. What awaits her on the other side of the automatic doors is even more daunting than we thought. THE RED SUITCASE has qualified to be considered for the 95th Academy® Awards after winning the Oscar®-qualifying award at the Tirana International Film Festival. 

Luxembourg Airport. Late in the evening. A veiled 16-year-old Iranian girl is frightened to take her red suitcase on the automatic carpet. She keeps pushing back the moment to go through the arrival gate and seems more and more terrified.

Cyrus Neshvad is a Luxembourg director of Iranian origin. He has directed o several short films including THE ORCHID, ANTOINE, SON and PORTRAITIST which have all been produced by CYNEFILMS. Collectively these films have officially been selected in over 300 festivals, over 30 of them Oscar-qualifying. PORTRAITIST qualified for the Oscars in 2020 and won 55 awards including the Letzebuerger Filmpraïs 2021 in Luxembourg. Currently, Cyrus Neshvad is developing his first feature film “LE REFUGE / THE SHELTER” supported by the Film Fund Luxembourg. 

Writer Guillaume Levil has written and directed several films including THE TROUSER ISSUE which was broadcasted on TV, he has also directed ARTHUR RAMBO and wrote PORTRAITIST which was also the winner of The Lëtzebuerger Filmprais. 

The beautiful composition which sets the sombre tone of the film was created by Kyan Bayani who was the composer of two-time Oscar-nominated COLLECTIVE directed by Alexander Nanau and BAD BANKS directed by Christian Schwochow and Christian Zübert on Netflix.  

This thought-provoking film has qualified to be considered for the 2023 Oscars®

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