Suman Sen’s THE SILENT ECHO – Don’t be afraid to make courageous choices

Arts Muse Magazine “The Silent Echo” review by Penny Jones

A cyclical short, “The Silent Echo” follows four youngsters through happiness, embarrassment, sadness, and above all, their contagious childhood spirit as we are taken along on a small snippet of their musical journey. 

The opening shot immediately sets the tone of this film as happy and carefree, regardless of what may come next. Whilst it may be a false sense of security, viewers can let their guard down, as surely nothing bad can come next, right?

Throughout the film, viewers can question if these children truly had a chance to live out their childhood, or if they had to grow up too soon, as they can be seen leaving their indigenous mountainous land and navigating a much more contrasting, bustling cityscape with a confidence that suggests this is not their first time. The children’s independence at such a young age is obvious.

The closing shot mirrors the opening, in which the youngsters can still be seen laughing with each other, having fun, and most importantly, still singing despite their upsetting competition result. Whilst they have lost their treasured bus, it is clear that they have not lost sight of their dreams; instead, it seems as if they are most determined now than when we first saw them, singing and jumping around with a passion that was not quite there at first. Whilst it is a bittersweet ending, viewers are left with a feeling of lightheartedness, and are comforted by the children’s exuberant confidence.This short film’s message is clear; always be brave, don’t be afraid to make courageous choices, and never lose hope in your dreams, no matter who may stand as an obstacle, or laugh at you along the way.


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