Marshall Tyler’s SLOW PULSE a heart-wrenching film about a father learning to heal through dance

Arts Muse Magazine “Slow Pulse” review by Penny Jones

Slow Pulse follows the story of Bernard, a man learning to dance for the first time. What starts as a confusing storyline, ends in a beautiful message of hope.

At first, viewers are not informed of the reason behind Bernard seemingly wanting to take up dance. Without any explanation given to us, we are left to assume anything. The more the film progresses, the more determined we could see Bernard becoming, yet we still don’t know why. The score greatly aids in creating an air of urgency, making us feel as though Bernard has an approaching deadline that he must meet, hence the sped up soundtrack.

As the film progresses, the reason behind Bernard’s dance lessons is finally revealed and with it, a beautiful display of hope. This story of a father’s unconditional love surely leaves viewers bathing in the show of emotional affection onscreen.


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