Annie St.Pierre’s short film LIKE THE ONES I USED TO KNOW – Review

Annie St-Pierre’s live action short film Like The Ones I Used To Know (Les Grandes Claques) is a tasteful Christmas film which explores the logistics of facing a divorce at such a family orientated time of the year. Set on Christmas Eve in the 80s when divorce was not as common as it is now, the film follows Denis, a recent divorcee who has to follow a custody agreement, which inevitably leads to an uncomfortable interaction. This film, which was mainly led by women, premiered at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival and has shown in more than 50 international festivals where it more than 14 Awards including the Oscar-qualifying Award at Heartland Film: Indy Shorts International Film Festival and Best Direction at SXSW. Due to the film winning the Oscar-qualifying Award at Heartland, this film is now eligible to be considered for a 2022 Academy Award. The phenomenal camera work in this film really forces the audience to be put into Denis’ shoes, and experience the discomfort alongside him. This enables the film to find a perfect balance between comedy and drama which allows the audience to enjoy a rollercoaster of emotions from laughter to sadness throughout.  A film which is quite timely with Christmas around the corner, this film perfectly allows the audience to experience an uncomfortable reality for many people and the sacrifices parents make for their kids, without them ever realising. This film is truly a masterpiece from start to finish and is well deserving of a place on the 2022 Oscar shortlist which will be announced two weeks.

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