Dale Resteghini’s Live-Action Short Film CRACKA – Review

Dale Resteghini, better known as Rage, is a music video director, film director and record producer. With his latest film Cracka, a present-day white supremacist is mysteriously transported back into an alternate past where African Americans rule the land and whites are enslaved.

Sometimes people cannot understand or relate to a struggle or an injustice unless they’ve experienced it. This is where Cracka comes in. Dale Resteghini has flipped the switch and started a conversation and incited controversy. Cracka was inspired by his disgust in the rise of white supremacy within the last few years. Dale took it upon himself to create the jaw dropping project to push back at the entire situation of racism through the media. 

A short film that is incredibly necessary in this day and age, I hope the Academy pays attention to this film as we believe it is the most important short film we have seen this year. It would be amazing if this short film gets on the 2022 Oscar shortlist, we have our toes and fingers crossed for Cracka!

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