Inbar Horesh’s short film Birth Right – Review

In Birth Right, Director Inbar Horesh introduces Zionism, a rare topic discussed in Israeli Cinema, aiding in providing better access to the unconventional film style for citizens of Israel. The Film observes Natasha, a young woman, who’s pre-conceived notions ahead of visiting Israel evolve during her stay. 

Inspired by the Birth Right organization, a company that sponsors individuals who practice Judaism and fulfil the 18-32 age demographic; also known as the single largest Jewish organization in the world; participants are offered a free ten-day venture to Israel. 

Natasha envisioned Israel as her escape from her familial torment, but upon learning she isn’t technically Jewish, she is faced similar judgment from her excursion peers. Horesh highlights how a change in location doesn’t equate to an absence of life challenges. The new environment involves an adjustment period to the weather, language, and social cues; creating a scene that respects the birthright but reinstates the decision as one that requires much contemplation and assurance. 

Inbar Horesh made a brilliant film which makes you think and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for her . We will definitely be looking out for more of her projects.

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