The Bragg Brothers Live-Action Short A Piece Of cake – Review

Co-creators/directors Austin and Meredith Bragg combine talents to create a comedic short similar to a comedy skit. A Piece of Cake humorously follows a father’s venture to ensure a successful birthday for his daughter. Her only request? A simple cake decoration which, unfortunately, became illegal in their home state of California converting a simple errand into a day-long quest for a determined dad. 

The Bragg duo hilariously show the lengths parents will travel to fulfil a promise to their child. Parenthood is a learning curve for both the child and guardian; while parents try their best to be exceptional role models, they seldom falter in their duties, and with blunt honesty, their kids acknowledge the flaws. 

The film quality resembles the undertones of an action movie contrasting the dialogue’s comedic approach. A Piece of Cake draws pure humor from the opening scene to the end credits proving that props, risk of injury, or expletives aren’t a requirement for a humorous film. A Piece of Cake captures the realism of parenthood where everyday life doesn’t conclude a sentimental life lesson, but with botched tasks and wild predicaments making for memorable stories to recall for decades to come.

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