Sylvia Review – A heartbreaking journey based on a true story 

Sylvia Official Trailer from SubMotion Productions Ltd on Vimeo.

When Mandy (Jolie Lennon) decides to embark on one last road trip with her two daughters and her mum Linda (Gaynor Fraser), before selling their precious car Sylvia, you never expect to be carried along on a journey of emotions that leads somewhere unexpected!

Mandy played superbly by Jolie Lennon, is a struggling mum and very stressed about keeping her car (affectionately named Sylvia) in neat conditions so that it can be sold. The journey is more a necessity to drop the car off to the new buyer than a fun road trip for the family.

The children (played by the director and producer’s daughters) are adorably playful and their performance in this film comes so naturally, to the point that you wished Mandy had more attention for them than the obsession with the car.

Linda, played by Gaynor Fraser is a loving and supportive grandmother, which keeps the film real and relatable.
The buyer of the car is a loving father looking to make a good deal for his daughter’s first car. The role is played by Benjamin Hartley, who portrays a guy at first unassuming but then capable of showing great compassion.

The storyline seems at first very predictable and yet a strange vibe of deep sadness keeps the spectator curious on where the journey leads to…

…to say more at this point it would deprive new spectators the chance to experience an emotional roller coaster that it’s deeply relatable.

Beautifully directed by Richard Prendergast and produced by his wife Rachel, this movie is based on an actual true story that took place in America. It’s a very intimate and touching film about great love and great loss… and the material things we grab hold on at times to keep the memory alive.

This really is a great film to watch and a touching story to remember!

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