Missing a Note – Deeply moving and beautifull

No one is spared in this touching portrait of Alzheimer’s tragic effects. This film depicts the slow advancement of this terrible disease on a retired opera legend, elegantly played by Ian McElhinney, and how this impacts the lives of his wife and a young student played swiftly by Darcy Jacob.


His initial signs of the condition and memory loss clashes beautifully with the young age of the schoolgirl who so desperately tries to make an impression on him for a scholarship report. Their interaction is swift and harmonious like the location where the story unravels.

Missing a Note (2019) – Trailer from Fact Not Fiction Films on Vimeo.

The role of the wife greatly portrayed by Elaine Paige shows how heartbreaking is to see a person your so much loved, admired and lived with for many years, slowing disappearing before your eyes. Her continuous care and attention to her husband, while hiding the effects of his memory loss to protect him from the sad reality of his condition, can be seen as an act of great love and strength.


Beth Moran who has written and directed this story was inspired by her grandfather and with this piece, she marks her debut in the short film format. The cinematography and directing is also superb and engages you from the very first scene.


The story is simple and yet deeply moving with an unexpected twist at the end, which leaves the spectator with a positive notion of how life goes on despite all adversities. 

Francis Cilla


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