Anne-Marie O’Connor’s Mum – A poignant drama

Anne-Marie O’Connor’s award-winning film Mum is a poignant drama bristling with sentiment. Featuring three generations of trans actors, it is a universal story that just happened to have a trans character at the heart of it.

Transgender actress Kate O’Donnell’s character is shown at the three stages in life when we meet her (aged 9, 22 and now, 52). Her performance is tender and loving as she comes to care for her ill mum, despite hovering tensions with disapproving sibling relationships.

Director Anne-Marie O’Connor is currently working on several returning dramas in the UK and US and is due to write her first feature. Her film Mum is an outstanding portrayal of family ties and the elements of change that come with time and aging. The film has also won best LGBTQ film at the London Independent Film Festival. Mum is truly one of a kind.

Kelsey Day

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