Marilyn Cooke’s OSCAR® qualified NO GHOST IN THE MORGUE is an intriguing story of a medical student who reluctantly takes an internship in the morgue 

Marilyn Cooke’s NO GHOST IN THE MORGUE tiptoes the line between luminous drama and dark comedy, it is a deeply human story about finding your own place in the world while honouring family legacies in an immigrant family of strong women from the Caribbean. This surprising short has qualified to be considered for the 95th Academy® awards. 

Medical student Keity wants to become a surgeon like her mother and grandmother. But after her first operation takes a dramatic turn, she has to accept an internship at the morgue. Between her dead patients, her unconventional colleagues and seeing her grandmother’s spirit, she tries to tough it out.

Writer and director Marilyn Cooke brings the complexity of Black female experiences and characters to the screen. NO GHOST IN THE MORGUE is her third short film. Her previous credits include WANTED: STRONG WOMAN which screened in over 35 film festivals. She is currently developing her first feature film which has received support from TIFF’s Filmmaker Lab. 

The stunning cinematography brought to life sequences in lush 16mm film by Juliette Lossky and produced by La 115e’s duo Kelyna N. Lauzier and Macha Houssart. 

NO GHOST IN THE MORGUE has qualified to be considered for the 2023 Oscars®

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