Cengiz Akaygun’s OSCAR® qualified short AYSHA shares a harrowing tale that isn’t quite what it seems

Cengiz Akaygun’s AYSHA shares a story of two young girls living through a harrowing war. Family tensions run high in this heart-wrenching story that has qualified to be considered for the 95th Academy Awards®.

AYSHA a small, rebellious girl wearing a full-body veil, and her sister are put to a religious test in a backyard in Rojava (Syria) by a covered woman. However, the strong-headed Aysha is struggling with identity and decides to take a stand.

Writer, director and producer Cengiz Akaygün was born in Stuttgart in 1979. He grew up as a Kurd in Turkey and returned to Stuttgart at the age of seven. After graduating from high school, he studied communication and media sciences in Duisburg. Since 2014, Akaygün’s works have focused on socially critical themes. He has received numerous awards for his short films. In 2020, he was nominated twice for the Human Rights Film Award in Germany. 

For his last short film AYSHA he received the Short Film Award at the 55th HOF International Film Festival in Germany. Whereupon further national and international nominations and awards followed. Currently, Aysha is in the pre-selection for the German Short Film Award. Now, this ground-breaking film is in consideration for an OSCAR®.

The beautiful cinematography was created by Kevin Hartfiel and the musical composition which pulls at your heart strings is by Conrad Oleak.

The OSCAR® shortlist will be announced on December 21st.

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