Sandro Monetti’s TECH TO THE FUTURE has a great future of television ahead

Art Muse Magazine “Tech To The Future” review by Steve Harris

Tomorrow doesn’t have to be bleak and dark, so says new OSCAR-qualified documentary short “Tech To The Future”, which takes a more positive look at what’s coming soon in terms of technological advancements.

Presented with boyish enthusiasm by host and tech expert Francis Hellyer, this short film adopts a TV show format to share details of some of the most exciting tech breakthroughs that are on the horizon. In the film we see Hellyer, a self-confessed fan of “Back To The Future”, make a pilgrimage to The Hollywood Museum whose exhibits include the actual DeLorean car that featured in the classic 80s movie. This iconic vehicle memorably gained wings and took to the sky in Back To The Future II. So, in another segment, Hellyer is visibly thrilled to be given an opportunity to climb into the driving seat of an ACTUAL FLYING CAR. Developed by tech firm AeroMobil, this remarkable feat of engineering can transform from a road vehicle to a small aeroplane in literally minutes. Unfortunately, this flying car is expected to come with a sky-high price tag, so the majority of us will still have to contend with traffic jams.

Elsewhere, the doc reveals that Deepfake technology is no longer science-fiction but science-fact, with a segment dedicated to action hero Bruce Willis who has become the first Hollywood star to sell his rights to the tech firm Deepcake: meaning that his digitally-created head was seamlessly attached to someone else’s body in a recent mobile phone commercial – so even though he’s now retired from acting, his digital self may continue to star in movies, television shows and commercials. Medical breakthroughs and the metaverse are also tackled in this forward-looking doc. Altogether, I’d say that “Tech To The Future” has a great future ahead of it on television – because a weekly series focusing on bright and shiny new tech like this is just what tomorrow needs.


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