Farbod Ardebili’s short film FORBIDDEN TO SEE US SCREAM IN TEHRAN – Review

Director/Writer/Songwriter Farbod Ardebili’s short film Forbidden to See Us Scream in Tehran highlights the current situation of Iranian women prohibited from singing and performing, shedding light on the reality of banned western music in Iran which was put in place since 1979 Iranian women being banned from singing or performing publicly or even participating solo in live concerts.

The concept of the film is close to the heart for the director, as it is loosely based on the choice the director had to make when he had the opportunity to move to the United States. The difficult choice of choosing between your dreams and family. The film is eye opening for those who take such small and simple things such as singing for granted. It pushes the audience to open their minds to how different life can be in another country, and what can be deemed as a norm. The film itself showcases a strong and brave female lead who won’t let anything stop her to reach her goals. A film which specifically promotes the rights of women and shows the needed change that needs to happen not only in Iran but all over the world, this short film which is eligible to be considered for a 2022 Oscar is compelling and makes a hard hitting statement, from start to finish.

Well done to Farbod for making a film on such an important topic, we will definitely be keeping an eye out for more of Farbod’s work.

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