Director Emmanuel Tenenbaum’s Short Film FREE FALL – Review

Emmanuel Tenenbaum, a French director, and Quebec screenwriter Guillaume Fournier have worked on several shorts about multinationals. With their films having been selected in more than 200 festivals, and winning numerous awards and nominations, their latest short, Free Fall, is their last opus before their first feature film. 

Free Fall is a story of Tom. A young trader in a London bank, whose recent performance has put his job on the line. When the first plane hits the World Trade Center on the morning of September 11th 2001, Tom jumps into the biggest trade of his life. Inspired by a true story, Free Fall has screened at 25 international film festivals including the Oscar qualifying Flicker’s Rhode Island, Show Me Shorts Film Festival, Bengaluru International Short Film Festival and has won multiple Awards including the 2021 Oscar qualifying Award at Regard – Saguenay International Film Festival.

Free Fall explores how ruthless and greedy people can be when it comes to money. Almost discarding their empathy and human nature in exchange for power. The whole film takes place in a boardroom, however the pacing and tenseness of the film will keep you on the edge of your seat. A film that is not only powerful, compelling and dominant from start to finish,  Free Fall is eligible to be considered for 2022 Academy Award in the Live Action Short Film category. We would be VERY surprised if this film isn’t listed on the 2022 Oscar shortlist which is being announced on Tuesday 21st December. Free Fall makes you think, it has you thinking about your actions and how they could possibly affect the lives of another person.

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