CRACKA REVIEW – “This film is a poignant, timely piece.’

Dale “Rage” Resteghini’s film Cracka is a poignant, timely piece that examines a world in which the history of American slavery is reversed; with white people enslaved and African Americans ruling over the land. The audience is introduced to this world when a white supremacist is transported back to the alternate history. 

The cinematography is particularly immersive for audiences when Michael, the protagonist, is transported to this alternate universe. When he first arrives, the camera pans around him, mimicking the disorientation that Michael himself is feeling. Lorenzo Antonucci (Michael Stone) and James Darnell (Rock Mason) are two standouts among the actors. While their characters are vastly different, both men bring a rawness and vulnerability to the screen that is important to have when telling a story that may be discomforting to some. 

Resteghini simply could not have chosen a more timely subject. While the prevalence of racial injustice isn’t new, the past few years have placed the topic in the public eye with renewed vigor. The Black Lives Matter movement has sparked a new way of viewing race and the injustices those in the black community face. The film is a tough one to watch, there’s no denying that; but it’s an incredibly important one. It’s paramount for audiences, in particular white audiences, to understand that any discomfort they may feel is purposeful and meant to help them to think. Why are they uncomfortable? Is it simply because the enslaved people look like them? Cracka is a well timed film that will require its audiences to look within themselves, embrace uncomfortable questions, and begin to have meaningful, and important, conversations about race.

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