“Matriochkas captures a life-altering occasion in which a new outlook on life is discovered in a peculiar predicament”

Matriochkas approaches the significance of a stable home and father-figure on the life of Anna (Heloise Volle), a sixteen-year-old girl pondering a pregnancy. Upon her pregnancy scare Nelson (Guillaume Duhesme), her mother Rebecca’s (Victoire Du Bois), latest boyfriend, becomes a surprising confidant to Anna, causing her to rethink her attachments to men and the influence of her mom life choices. Matriochkas captures a life-altering occasion in which a new outlook on life is discovered in a peculiar predicament.

The actions of a parent or guardian heavily influence their children and Matriochkas embodies the definition of the generational curse through a visual experience. Anna’s mother’s inconsistent relationship with men coupled with a relaxed home life instilled a mature persona within Anna. At sixteen she took up smoking, sexual relations with multiple partners, intrigue for attention from older men and a reluctance to trust fatherly figures; eventually falling upon the same path as her mother and becoming pregnant at a young age. 

Matriochkas provides insight into the consequences following a parent who assumes the role of a friend with their child. Although Anna shared a genuine bond with her mother, she was aware of her mother’s minimal maturity and in response, made the responsible decision to do what was needed without her mother’s input. 

Berangere McNeese, director of Matriochkas, appropriately captures the emotions a young women experiences in times of distress and the sudden surge of strength and maturity they must summon in response.

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