Director Brwa Vahabpour’s Silence focuses on a deaf girl who struggles to navigate in a world of silence

Director Brwa Vahabpour’s Silence tells the story of a young deaf girl who struggles to fit in. This topical short, which looks closely at social isolation, will be screening at the Oscar-qualifying Odense International Film Festival in August.

A Kurdish girl is deaf and her parents cannot afford to send her to a special school. The girl, therefore, fights against everything.

Director Brwa Vahabpour has directed numerous short films such as Pomegranate and The Shepherd. The Shepherd went on to win an array of awards such as Best Fictional Film Award at 2019 Boston Short Film Festival, winning the Grand Prix at 2019 Festival International Des Ecoles De Cinema De Tetouan. Vahabpour also won The Nordic Talents Honorable Mention in 2018 and the Screen Talent Europe Pitch Prize in 2019 for his short film Silence. He is currently developing a feature-length version of Silence alongside Oslo Picture.

Producer Renée Hansen Mlodyszewski has worked in the film and television industry for 10 years on productions such as Lilyhammer, Downsizing and has produced several short films. Today, Renée works in the production company Oslo Pictures where she has been an assistant producer on the feature films The Worst person in the world by Joachim Trier and Hope by Maria Sødahl. In addition to this, Renée has feature films in development with the directors Brwa Vahabpour, Fanny Ovesen, Johanna Pyykkö and Truls Krane Meby and is producing the feature film Explosions in the Heart with Yenni Lee as director.

Cinematographer Lukasz Zamaro moved to Norway to develop his career in Oslo where he now is a member of a Norwegian Society of Cinematographers (FNF). He has worked with directors such as Hisham Zaman, Izer Aliu, Tove Undheim, Egil Pedersen, Marius Myrmel and Brwa Vahabpour on feature films, TV-series and short films.

Silence will be screening at Odense International Film Festival on August 24th at 1:30 pm, August 25th at 8:45 pm, August 26th at 8:30 pm and August 27th at 9:15 am.

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