Patrik Krivanek’s Quiet Crossing wins an Award at Oxford International Short Film Festival!

Patrik Krivanek’s short film Quiet Crossing takes home the Best Film Award for the Micro Short Block section at Oxford International Short Film Festival

Patrik Krivanek’s Quiet Crossing focuses on three East German students who try to flee to safety as their political views put them in danger. This historical drama has received many film awards including Best Student Film at Florence Film Awards, Favourite Film at Film Only Film Festival and an honourable mention at Berlin Flash Film Festival. This film screened at Oxford International Short Film Festival where it recently won the Best Film Award for the Micro Short Block section of the festival.

Set in 1967, East German students, opponents of the communist regime, are trying to emigrate to West Germany hidden at the back of a food delivery truck. They must remain quiet or they will be discovered and executed for their anti-political activities. Anna’s and Yans’s sleeping baby on board is a time bomb that can explode at any time, and something unexpected happens.

Director Patrik Krivanek is an award-winning Czech film director, producer, and writer whose experience includes working as an Assistant Director in 2017 on the theatrically acclaimed Czech Republic feature film Usmevy smutnych muzu (Smiles of Sad Men). In 2019, the film was awarded the Czech Lion Award (Film Fans Award) and also won four NASK 2018 awards granted by Czech and Moravian cinema operators. Patrik is now together with director Dan Svatek, producing a film called Dve slova jako klic (Two Words as the Key) which will be shot all around the world. It was promoted at The Marché du Film Producers Network in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival 2019. Krivanek has plans to turn Quiet Crossing into a full-length feature film.

Producer Ella India Eddy is a Film/Executive Producer and Documentary Filmmaker who completed her studies at Westminster University. During her studies, she produced many short films such as Be Fruitful and Multiply (2020), In A Box (2019), The Three of Them (2018), Quiet Crossing (2018), Bottled Up (2018), Poet Voice (2018) and also the commercial project for the Nahemi/Kodak Student Commercials Awards – Braincare (2020). She also worked in the Script Development department in the Sprout Pictures.

Cinematographer Deen Gomez specializes as a Director of Photography and Camera Operator and has worked on a variety of short films, music videos, fashion videos, and documentaries on both digital and film formats. Gomez also has a depth of experience as a Gaffer, which comes from working on short films both on location and in a studio.

This film has already screened in 11 different countries at 24 film festivals including New Renaissance Film Festival in Amsterdam, Miami Independent Film Festival and it was also scheduled to screen at WiFi Film Festival and The Independent Days International Film Festival but due to the Coronavirus, these festivals have been postponed.

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