Tree #3 – An entertaining, poignant and light-hearted short about immigration

Light hearted, funny and inspiring, Israeli director Omer Ben-Shachar tells the story of how a young boy overcomes otherness. Itai is an immigrant, also from Israel, and grapples with the blatant discrimination from his schoolteacher and his larger than life dreams of acting.

Torn between his desire to fit in or follow his dreams, Itai is once again disappointed by his casting as Tree #3 in the school production. But rather than sitting back, he hatches a plan and teams up with the other foreign students in his class, to show everyone that a tree is not just a tree.

The film touchingly explores the reality of immigration for migrant families. Itai’s family is strong and supportive but online communication is the glue that holds them together.

Itai’s innocent outlook is wonderfully refreshing and his performance by young actor Lior Malka gives the film a whimsical feel. Coupled with the much-needed perspective on immigration, Itai’s plight to equality is as entertaining as it is poignant.

Tree #3 is an authentic, inspiring, and a relevant story of one boy’s journey to learning he doesn’t need to be more American, but more Itai.

Tree #3 | Official Trailer [HD] from Omer Ben Shachar on Vimeo.

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