Oran Zegman’s magical musical short film points a finger at the unrealistic expectations we have of women


Social media has put so much pressure on everyone to look good, especially women! In some circles, there is still a lot of pressure on women to be perfect to find a husband. Would you go out of your way to join a marriage school to fix any faults you may have and let them set you up with a husband? That is what Gwen Hollander’s character Laura (“Kidding”, “Acting School Academy”) does when her boyfriend refuses her marriage proposal.

This magical musical was cleverly written by writer-director Oran Zegman. It clearly shows society’s the unrealistic demands placed on women and to be fair I am sure I have asked a friend if they thought their boyfriend was “marriage material”, which begs the questions does sexism go both ways?


Official Trailer | Marriage Material, the musical (2018) from Oran Zegman on Vimeo.

The “Late Blooming Bride” retreat takes a dig at being too old for marriage at only 30, although the film is set in the ’50s when more importance was set on marriage. The director Oran Zegman impressed the voters for the Student Academy Awards and now this live-action short is under Oscar Consideration. What this talented director has achieved in a short film is on par with Damian Chazelle’s LA LA Land, the songs are catchy, the choreography on point and the directing near on perfect.

Writer/Director Oran Zegman graduated from Beit-Zvi, School for the Performing Arts in Israel and went on to act in numerous shows. She then graduated from the American Film Institute Conservatory with an M.F.A. in Directing. Her thesis film, “Marriage Material”, was the first Musical film to ever be made at AFI. The strong response to Marriage Material has landed the short as a musical series now in development at Quibi with Zegman co-writing and directing and “The Chernin Company” and “Endeavor”.

We hope the Academy Members see what we do, as “Marriage Material” is a standout film that will keep your toes tapping and leave you wanting more. It is about time a female director won a Best Live Action Award and Oran could just be that woman!

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