Ida Review – Living in fear of your mother

It seems that multiple Academy Winner Kim Magnusson has the Midas touch, as every film he touches turns to gold! It certainly is the case with his latest film Ida, which shares the story of a little girl whose mother is a raging alcoholic. Danish Director Parminder Singh shows his skill as he brilliantly directs Kerstin Jannerup Gjesing, her performance in the film steals every scene and she is undoubtedly a name you need to watch.

It is quite shocking to know that one in four children are brought up in a family with parents abusing either drugs or alcohol and these vices often lead to children being neglected or treated badly through no fault of their own. In Ida, we see a little girl who is blamed for making her mother drink, a false claim that many children are forced to believe.  The actions of her mother force Ida to live in fear and see the monsters in her dreams.  The storyline for this film has been cleverly created, as we are drawn into the life of what seems like a wonderful family, only to discover it isn’t as perfect as it seems.  This subject is something we can all relate to, even in regards to social media when everyone seems to have a perfect life, but behind closed doors, the reality is very different.

Parminder Singh is an award-winning Danish film director. He has directed several TV series and his work includes both drama and comedy. He graduated from The National Danish Film School in 2007 and is married with 3 kids and lives and resides in Copenhagen.

Kim Magnusson is a prolific Danish producer and has produced or executive produced more than 130 films. He founded and owns M&M Productions. In 2010 he launched Dansk Film Kompagni to develop and produce high-end, commercial-driven films for the international market. His feature Last Witness was optioned by 20th Century Fox.  His recent work includes producing Anders Walter’s first feature; I Kill Giants along with 1492, XYZ and Umedia. He Currently holds an output deal with Netflix for original films in the Nordic territory. Kim Magnusson has been Oscar® nominated in the Live Action Short Film category six times and won the coveted award in 1999 for Election Night and in 2014 for Helium.

With a stand out performance, brilliant directing and a relatable topic this film is sure to do well. Add powerhouse Kim Magnusson into the mix then this film could be destined for gold!


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