“My date was high on meth”, Monique Needham’s ‘Cashpoint’ opens up the conversation about unusual dating stories

Monique Needham’s revealing film ‘Cashpoint’ shares the story of Camille (Ani Nelson), a young woman who decides to go on a date with a guy (Kadeem Pearse) she met on a dating app. Cautious at first, she is eventually won over by his looks and charm. That is until the bill arrives, however, what happens next she could never have predicted.

Writer and director Monique Needham started working in television production working on shows such as Big Brother and Come Dine With Me. After years working in the advertising industry, she has returned to her passion for filmmaking. In 2013, she wrote and directed the web series Housemates which was picked up by Teen Vogue and Essence magazine.

Watch the trailer here: http://www.getneeks.com/

Here are just some of the stories that have been shared since the film was made:

Stalker – I met a very handsome guy who was a lot of fun, but on the second date he wanted to start a fight with a guy who glanced at me. I sensed he was a bit off and backed off.  He, on the other hand, wouldn’t go away and called me over 100 times day, when I asked him to leave me alone he said he never would. After getting the police involved and moving house, he discovered where I lived and I had to get a restraining order.  This didn’t put him off and eventually, he was arrested, a few years later the police called and asked if I would be a witness in court as he had pulled a gun on a girl!

Catfish – I found a photo of an attractive guy online, we chatted online for a while and one day he said the photo wasn’t him. Then the truth came out, he was married and his wife had cancer. He was looking to date without her knowing!

Third Wife – After chatting to a man for a while who seemed really interesting, he shared with me that he was already married to two women and was looking for a third wife!

Prozac Guy – I met a guy for dinner, as we sat down I noticed he was shaking and couldn’t look me in the eye. He soon admitted to me that he was on Prozac and burst into tears, then he put his daughter on the phone to me.

Drug Lover – The guy I met openly admitted to being high on meth, had just come out of jail and loved drugs. He went on to say his ex-girlfriend was a ballerina and he loved splitting her legs apart. I got worried and snuck out the back, but he saw and chased me across Liverpool Street Station.

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