Interview With Director Marcus Markou: “We all witnessed this spike in intolerance after Trump and Brexit”

Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times is a brilliant film directed by Marcus Markou, which highlights the topical issues of Racism and Homelessness. Arts Muse Magazine was able to talk to the lovely Marcus Markou, asking him what his overall goals were for this film, what message he wants people to take away from his film and what other projects he is working on.

What was your inspiration?

We all witnessed this spike in intolerance after Trump and Brexit. And it was coming out in ordinary everyday situations – at the supermarket check out or on public transport. So I wanted to start a story in one of those ordinary, everyday situations and then see where it could go as a story.

When writing the script, what was your overall goal for this film?

To tell a good story and emotionally engage the audience in just 10 minutes. I wanted to make a good short. I watched lots of great shorts and concluded that some of the best shorts took everyday situations that people could relate to which led to extraordinary consequences.

What message would you like your viewers to take from this film?

I would like people to feel emotionally engaged. To feel compassion. So it’s not really a message, but a feeling.

How do you think the actors influenced the film?

They are all great actors. And they were a pleasure to work with. They told the story well and in fact, added to it. We found so much in rehearsal that made its way onto the screen.

Do you think this story is important in 2018? Why?

We all need to feel compassion – even for those people we think might be enemies.

Did you have any fears while making the film? If so, what were they and why?

My biggest fear is always the weather! You cannot control it and it can have a devastating effect on your film. We had just two days to shoot this, so the weather had to be right. Thankfully, it was.

What did you enjoy the most whilst making this film?

I love the collaborative nature of filmmaking. As a director, you are in the privileged position to work with all the departments of filmmaking – camera, sound, music, design, performance. Working with so many different creative people is an energizer.

Were there any difficulties you’ve experienced whilst making this film? If so, what were they?

The only minor issue we had was getting the insurance cover for the van with the camera equipment overnight. This is the aspect of filmmaking that most people are not aware of because you literally spend hours trying to find solutions. I think we eventually found a car park nearby but had to have someone sleep in the van. I always joke that most of the energy in filmmaking production management goes into transport, parking, and food. These three things take up so much time and energy.

What other projects are you working on?

I am developing a new screenplay called Crazy Blue, about a former boyband member who falls for the ragtag family he never knew, which is the second project on a slate of movies being developed by myself and prolific Producer Cassian Elwes (Mudbound, The Butler, Dallas Buyers Club) and Susan Carter Hall after we successfully raised seed capital this Summer. The producing company is called “Movie Collective”. The first movie is Utopia Road which will be the directorial debut of LA artist Rosson Crow.

Two Strangers Who Meet Five Times – Short film trailer from Marcus Markou on Vimeo.



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