Alexander Bedria’s The Zim – Needs to be seen, and heard

The Zim – Official Trailer from Alexander Bedria on Vimeo.

In Alexander Bedria’s The Zim, the true events that occurred during the controversial Zimbabwean land seizures in the early 2000’s are given a new, cinematic light.

The Zim follows the story of farmer Daniel Silva (Alexander Bedria) who must decide between fleeing the country or standing his ground. William Zimunya (native Zimbabwean Tongayi Chirisa), his farmhand, is torn between loyalty to his lifelong friend and fear of the powerful men who lead the charge to invade the farm and the violent threats that face them.

The film brings attention the controversial issues of race and land ownership in a time of stress and hysteria. Tensions between the farmer who was raised in this land and the men whose ancestors have lived in the land for centuries further arise as the Zimbabwean political turmoil continues.

The Zim features elements of family, loyalty, and responsibility while also provoking conversations of history repeating itself. Bedria clearly exhibits how the decisions we make today become our reality of tomorrow. The Zim will leave you feeling a part of the intense narrative of the Zimbabwean people that needs to be seen, and heard.

Kelsey Day

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