Movie Review; Daniel Sorochki’s short film ‘Check Please’


Director Daniel Sorochki’s directorial debut Check Please, has gotten several awards including one for Best Film and Sorochkin for Directing and Screen Writing. Which give me high hopes when I got to check it out.


And I was not disappointed. The romantic comedy that revolves around a failed proposal in a restaurant, brings the story with a unexpected and  funny twist. I really felt for the main character as you could put yourself in his shoes, and my blood actually started boiling every time the antagonist showed his smug face. The film really got you involved in the story and got me really excited when the main character finally stood up for himself and saved the day.

The director Daniel Sorochkin grew up in Israel, his journey of filmmaking started in a military unit in the IDF, where he wrote and directed several acclaimed comedic films. After his service Daniel moved to the US to study filmmaking at NYU Tisch School of the Arts and it wasn’t long before his work began winning awards. His latest work includes: Check Please, Shady Pines, A comedic TV pilot about a crazy nursing home and Lola and Dallas, a short narrative mystery-drama.

If you need a good pick me up during your day I recommend watching Check Please and you will end your day with a happy grin on your face.  You can watch Check Please yourself as it’s been selected as this weeks ; ‘Short of the Week’



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