Interview with singer-songwriter Kit Rice

Arts Muse was delighted to have a chat with Kit Rice, a talented singer-songwriter and one of the most exciting new vocalists to emerge from the UK’s dance/electronic and urban music landscape.


You collaborated on your single, ‘Living Life’, with The First Diamond. What was the creative process like on that song?

Living Life was a track that went around a few different artists actually. I heard the instrumental and put my hook line on it, made some adjustments to the track and then sent it round to a few different rappers. In the end I was sick of waiting and I ended up putting my own verse down. After that I sent it to DIAMOND and she was excited to finish the track with me. It’s still one of my favourite tunes.

What would you say music means to you, and in your life?

I live and breathe music every single day of my life. I create everything I perform. If Kit Rice sang it, kit rice wrote it! With that come many pros but also many cons. The pro is that I’m in control; the con is I’m in control! Without music I wouldn’t be the person I am today, it helped sculpt my life. And now I sculpt music everyday. If I’m not performing, I’m teaching. I think giving back is one of the most important things in life.

Do you have any advice for other young artists out there?

If you think it’s fierce, release it! If you come back to it a year later and it’s not as fierce as you through it was, just release another one. Keep pushing, keep believing, keep it real but most importantly, never give up.

You stated that the late singer, Prince, is one of your inspirations, what did he mean to you as an artist? And in what way did he influence you?

I saw Prince at the O2 Arena in 2006. I had always been a musician, but after seeing Prince I realised that I wanted to write and perform my own music. It’s been 10 years since then and I feel ready.

You have your own record label, KARR records, what inspired you to start that up?

This industry is tough. I think the toughest thing though, was watching my friends and peers get discouraged and stop doing what they loved. I went through it myself but I realised in the end I was never going to give up, because it just wasn’t in my nature. I started KARR to begin building a platform for all the great talent I met along the way. Talent that I think deserve an avenue to become an artist and reach their true potential. The great thing about starting positive projects is that they always open doors in ways you didn’t think they would initially. All of my music is released through KARR now and it has been the best 4 years of my life.

How do you feel the music industry could be changed for the better?

There aren’t enough talent scouts and A&R out there. There is room for everyone in music. I mean, a standard song last 3 / 4 minutes? You do the maths. There are so many genres and tastes out there; the music we hear now is just too narrow-minded. Open up the industry and you will find more diversity than you know.

You are currently in the studio working on a new album; can you give us any hints on what the main musical inspiration is going to be?

My new album is motivated by inequality, love, hate and the general confusion going on in the world right now. You will hear my view on what’s going on and of course you will get some quintessential Kit Rice funk and dance tunes. You’ll have to wait and see!

What is the most memorable show you have ever played?

Last year we sold out FLORIPA in Shoreditch. I remember singing my song ‘You Really Need Me’ to a full crowd singing it back to me. There’s no better feeling than that.

Thanks for your time Kit Rice, and good luck with the new album!




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