John Galea’s highly anticipated ‘Notes From My Piano’ tour in the UK!

Arts Muse is delighted to have an interview with the upcoming singer/songwriter John Galea.

John galea

How long have you been making music? We are very curious to know how you first became interested in music.

At the age of 13 when my dad brought home an Electric Organ one day and I started to learn how to play classical music and then after a couple of years of training I wanted to know why pop songs stick in peoples heads and how they were written so I started listening to Diane Warren, The BeeGees, Max Martin and started writing tracks from there with just me and a piano.

How has for an example playing on tour with McFly and in 100 Club influence your direction of music? What is the most important thing you have learned from those experiences?

Theres nothing like performing live and having that feedback from the crowd. It’s so amazing to hear people sing back lyrics that you have written down in your bedroom and to play live with my live band takes it to another level.

What/ who inspired you in making the song ‘Notes From My Piano’?

The whole EP is based on a very rocky breakup I went through and so tracks like Blue, I Am A Survivor and Struggling are very personal. Its probably my most personal E.P that I have made and probably the one I’m most proud of to date. The way I tend to deal with situations is to write it down in a song. It’s my kind of therapy.

What is the song about and what makes it unique compared to others?

Notes from my piano is a look back at the relationship and wishing it could of turned out differently. The relationship I was in was very turbulent and very unhealthily at the time for both of us, it was like Volcano meeting a Tornado – It did have great moments though but overall it just didn’t work out.

Can you tell me more about the tour, what can we expect from you?

You can expect myself , a piano and my live band and a lot of energy on stage .I love playing live and we are playing up and down the country from here to December and are really looking forward to playing the new tracks from the E.P swell as throwing some surprise covers along the way. It’s going to be great getting back on stage.

Thank you so much for your time John and good luck with the tour!

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